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The wireless headphones for sports

For athletes or the general sporting enthusiast, wireless headphones allow you to listen to great music, without the wires getting tangled up. But, there are many top pairs you can buy, so which ones are right for you? When you are ready to invest in new wireless...

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Exercising With High Blood Pressure

The idea that those with raised blood pressure should use physical exercise as a means of reducing it may surprise some people. But physical activity can take many forms and choosing the right kind can contribute to the treatment and reduction of high blood pressure....

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How to avoid knee surgery problems

Knee surgery is undeniably a major operation, but there are a number of things you can do to help speed up your recovery process and avoid any complications. Consider the alternatives As with any major surgery, it does take time to properly recover from knee surgery,...

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3 ways to improve your energy levels

If you find yourself dragging and lacking energy, there are a few things you can do to improve those energy levels. And, no, energy drinks are not the solution, as they simply cause you to crash and burn. If you want to do something better for yourself, these are a...

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When Passion Meets Career

I guess with this post I’m going to venture a bit outside the boundaries of the health and fitness industry, which in itself merely epitomises the approach people should in any case be taking to their health and fitness in that it should form an everyday part of your...

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The Difference Between PrEP and PEP?

Today people have more choice when it comes to protection from HIV than ever before, from traditional ideas of abstinence, limiting the number of sexual partners, and less risky sex, to the perhaps more appealing methods of medical testing and condom use. However,...

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