link If someone told you not to take your child to the dentist until they show signs of toothache, you’d probably think they were mad. After all, the benefits of preventative oral healthcare are obvious – you want to keep an eye on things and catch problems before they develop.

So why is it that people tend to think taking their younger child to an orthodontist isn’t necessary? Preventative care applies just as much to orthodontics as to general dental work. Here are just a few reasons why you should bring in your child instead of waiting to be referred in a few years’ time.

article source Catch Problems Early

As ever, the main benefit that comes with coming in early is catching potential problems before they even require treatment. It might be your child has picked up some kind of bad habit, such as thumb sucking or an odd bite. In time, thumb sucking can lead to an overbite and crowded front teeth. If an orthodontist doesn’t start putting things right without delay, you might be looking at a retainer or brace in the future more info.

Misaligned bites can spell even more serious issues, such as extractions or even jaw surgery. Even if such extensive work is unlikely, it’s still worth seeing an orthodontist early to help avoid it altogether link.

No Embarrassing Orthodontic Gear

Unfortunately, retainers and braces are often required during the teenage years, which is just when kids are most self-conscious about the way they look. Adding even modern braces and retainers into the mix isn’t going to help. If you take your children to an orthodontist before they hit those years, you can save them a whole heap of social anxiety. Even if orthodontic gear is required, catching a problem early probably means it won’t need to be worn quite as long this web page.

No Expensive Bills click the following article

Orthodontic work can be expensive for the parents as well as embarrassing for the kids. Maybe you want to avoid the cost of an orthodontic evaluation right now, but remember that paying that small fee could help you save a significant sum in the future.

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