Keeping a long term relationship on track can be at times quite difficult. Communication and effort are known to be the best solutions to saving a relationship. Yet, the reality is there will be tough times throughout anyone’s relationship. However, there are many tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy and positive partnership. So if you think your relationship is in need of a bit of improvement then keep reading and these 3 tips could help you.


Keeping the spark alive in the bedroom for many couples can be challenging. This can occur for a variety of reasons, for example for men erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can cause a barrier for physical intimacy (if this is an issue for you, you may wish to buy tadalafil online from Menschem). For women, loss of libido (sex drive) can result from having painful sex and it is always beneficial to get help and advice from your GP who may be able to offer you some form of treatment. Even though some problems may need medical advice, most remain a case of patience and understanding. Similarly, after having children, women may experience vaginal issues such as muscle weakness. There are options for this of course, love balls for example, and if she can keep them up, they strengthen the muscles. There are other solutions which can be found by contacting a GP. This may come as embarrassment to the women but actually speaking to her partner may relive a lot of stress.

Most problems relating to sex remain uncommon and they’re often not spoken about. This is because it is still remains a subject couples feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about with each other. If there is an underlying problem stopping you from enjoying the physical side of your relationship then communication is key. You should describe the feelings and concerns you have about your cause with your partner in order for them to understand they are not the one to blame.

There are a range of different treatments that are available for sexual problems. So don’t feel like you need to suffer alone when you can seek sexual therapy. This may just be talking to your partner or seeing a therapist together. Offer solutions may be trusting online pharmacies such as LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor who offer medication such as Viagra for problems like erectile dysfunction or speaking to your GP who will offer advice and treatment options.

Spend quality time together

Spending quality time with your partner may be a struggle if you’re juggling work life, looking after the kids and maintaining a household all in one day. So it may be easy to forget to make an effort with each other when this is an important part of anyone’s relationship. So making time for each other should be done fortnightly. This can be achieved by making space in your schedule to organize date nights this doesn’t mean you have to get a baby sitter. It can be something you can do at home such as watch a movie together or have a nice meal just the two of you. This will help you reconnect by having that time to focus on each other and have a nice time. You can take this one step further and think of ways to enhance your sexual experience; talk to each other about what you want to do, consider the use of adult toys in the bedroom from somewhere like Kandid if you wish to, and there are many other things you can do to satisfy each other and show your love!

Make unexpected gestures

Making an unexpected gesture can make your partner feel loved and wanted. Instead of waiting until their birthday or Christmas why not surprise them with a random gift such as a bunch of flowers or chocolates. This is bound to put a smile on their face and make them feel appreciated. Instead of a gift you could surprise them with a candle-lit meal or making them a cup of coffee. There are whole ranges of ways even if they are little or small to make someone feel special. Showing you love someone this way can help put magic back into a relationship and bring couples closer together.

Keeping relationships strong and healthy can be challenging at times, but following these 3 different steps can help bring spark back into a partnership.

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