If you’re sick of your spare tire and love handles, it’s never too late to get back into shape. Regardless of your age or fitness history, transforming your appearance is more than possible with consistency, discipline and the right tools in your toolbox.

Although you probably already know that diet constitutes most of your weight loss success, exercise will inevitably speed up your transformation journey. Actually sticking to a routine, however, requires you to rely on some specific items to keep yourself comfortable and focused.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to immediately jump into the world of fitness without the proper gear. In fact, there are some often overlooked items that every guy should have either at home or on the go to better prepare them for the road ahead.

So, what items are we talking about?

Sport-Specific Eye Protection

Just about any sport or physical activity requires proper protection for your eyes. Whether you already wear contacts, consider the benefits of sport-specific glasses while running, biking or hiking in the dead heat of summer. Rather than be stuck squinting or trying to avoid debris in your face a stylish pair of men’s sports glasses can make the world of difference while you’re exploring the great outdoors.

After all, many men give up on their transformation goals because exercise ultimately irks them. Keeping your eyes shaded and covered is a subtle but significant way to protect your vision and make yourself comfortable regardless of your physical activity.


Especially when weight lifting, gloves can protect your hands from calluses and other harsh scrapes that home along with lifting heavy weights. Likewise, most lifters find that they can actually put more weight on the bar while wearing gloves thanks to a more comfortable grip.

Gloves are likewise a smart investment for those who bike for long periods of time. Gripping your handlebars for hours on end can really do a number on your hands. Thankfully, you can purchase a pair of workout gloves for next to nothing on sites such as Amazon.

Dry-Fit Clothes

Many men tend to work up a sweat even when doing even the most minor of workouts. As a result, dry-fit clothes are all the rage right as they quickly soak up sweat and keep you comfortable while you’re burning calories. You’ll notice a world of difference on your next jog when you actually wear athletic clothes versus a t-shirt and workout socks, for example. You can check out websites now that have athletic clothing available for you to check out.

Fresh Shoes

Speaking of shoes, men who are serious about their cardio need to purchase specific shoes for running. While you don’t necessarily need to splash hundreds of dollars on footwear, bear in mind that running in Chuck Taylors or cheap tennis shoes will absolutely wreck your feet and ankles. Think about it this way: risking a running-related injury isn’t worth saving a few bucks.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats can do wonders for your home workouts.

Even if you don’t want to do yoga yourself, a yoga mat is a solid investment for your home-based fitness activities such as….

  • Stretching prior to a jogging or bike riding
  • Bodyweight exercises like as push-ups and planks
  • Weightlifting at home: your mat can serve as a sort of flat, protected surface that can keep you from slamming your weights on the floor

Getting back in shape doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg or even a gym membership. Consider these five items as investments in your comfort and well-being as you focus on your fitness for the future.

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