This is a post that I feel answers questions that a lot of people ask me, or try and ask in a round about way in the gym and even family members at gatherings etc. So, I figured I’d add everything into a post for you all to read through.

Even when you are trying your best to be healthy, there are some things out there that could be stopping you from being at your absolute best. Some of them may surprise you, and some of them may just have slipped your mind. Either way, you’ll want to cut back, or even quit these things (if possible) if you want to be at your most healthy and be able to perform at your utmost in any events you may have entered.

There are things that you already know are bad for you, like being overweight or obese is bad for you. You also already know that smoking is bad for you. But what else are you doing, or exposed to, that is ruining your health? Here’s five things for you to consider…


Alcohol, even in small amounts, goes through your liver and always leaves damage behind. While that damage may not do too much for you if you aren’t drinking a lot, it can still mess your system up in ways you don’t realise. If you drink a lot, but only sometimes, you are causing more problems as well. It is true – research is still ongoing to determine the exact effects of alcohol on liver health. This is often carried out via extensive experiments using snap-frozen tissue samples (see this link for in-depth info) and related bio specimens that can further explain the causality of alcohol in the development of conditions like fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. However, it is abundantly clear that you don’t have to be a heavy and steady drinker to develop these critical illnesses.

A casual drink once in awhile is fine, and some people even believe a glass of red wine with dinner can be a heart-healthy choice. However, that remains to be seen… Next up we’ve got one of the most obvious ones.

Second Hand Smoke

While you may not be a smoker, if you spend time around one you are still getting the negative effects of the cigarette smoke. This is bad and can lead to cancer, COPD, and a wide variety of other health issues. Convince your partner to quit smoking, or spend less time around people that do.

Watching Television

Not only does watching television kind of promote laziness, but it also puts you at risk of dying sooner. Studies have been done lately to prove that sitting for too long can be even worse than smoking.

Instead of sitting in front of the television, get a hobby that gets you up on your feet, or make plans to go on a daily walk. Also, running is a great way to get fit, lose weight, and keep active. There are a number of different couch to 5k running programs that you can get yourself started on.


Work can be stressful to anyone, no matter what they do for a living. Stress can cause havoc on your whole system. It can cause moodiness, sleeplessness, and more.

If you are continually stressed at your job, find some things to do when you aren’t at work that is calming. You may also want to consider a weekly massage. Maybe try a recreational drug for relaxing. You could buy CBG isolate which is known to be much more effective than its alternative CBD although CBD product Loxa Beauty Terpenes Candle (200g, 0mg) can be amazing to help stay calm and stress-free during the tough times. Whatever method you adopt, make sure that it is helping you relax and dilute your stress.

Your Job

For some people, it may seem like your job is bad for your health just because you have to go to it. But that’s not what this is about. This is about the actual sufferers, i.e. people who work in factories or manufacturing units. Factory workers often breathe toxic air on a daily basis, which can be worse for them than smoking. This isn’t all. Their job role also demands them to come into contact with hazardous materials, causing the chemicals to penetrate into their skin.

While certain facility managers tend to equip their workers with the necessary supply of safety gear such as chemically resistant gloves (found at e-stores like, and electrical safety boots, not all workers are as lucky and are often prone to long-term health issues. Such health issues can range from skin irritation, burns, and respiratory problems due to exposure to hazardous materials. It is important that all workers are provided with adequate safety gear and that employers are held responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Parting Words

Needless to say, it is crucial to recognize the detrimental effects that certain factors can have on our health. Alcohol consumption, an unhealthy work environment, chronic stress, exposure to second-hand smoke, and excessive television viewing are all significant contributors to poor health. By being aware of these potential hazards, we can take proactive steps to mitigate their impact on our well-being.

Making conscious choices to moderate alcohol intake, prioritize a healthy work-life balance, manage stress effectively, avoid second-hand smoke, and limit screen time can greatly improve our overall health and quality of life. It is essential to prioritize self-care and make informed decisions to protect and nurture our physical and mental well-being. By doing so, we can proactively combat the factors that are destroying our health and strive for a healthier, happier future.

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