If you are a musician and you discover that you are losing your hearing, it can feel traumatizing at first. Many musicians have a passion that is all-consuming, and they think that their lives will never be the same without the use of this most critical of the five senses. While it is true that hearing loss will mean some changes in your life as a musician, it is by no means cause for despair. Some brilliant composers suffered hearing loss and still went on to have long and successful careers. Here are some tips that will help with the transition.

Work to Regain Your Confidence

Part of what bothers the musician who loses their hearing is that they feel if they do the same things that once led to successful performances, then the outcome will somehow be different. You need to understand that although you can no longer hear the notes, they are the same. Whether you are classically trained or self-taught, you know the sound of the music. Likely you have been playing it for most of your life. When you practice, think about what the song and notes sound like, even if you cannot hear them.

Get Some Coaching

Whether you are a vocal performer, you play instruments, or both, find a coach that you can trust and ask them to assess your skill level. It is ideal if this person is someone with whom you shared a previous relationship, but if no one fitting the bill is available, find someone you know to be respected in the industry. Ask them not to coddle you. Tell them that the only way for you to grow comfortable enough to perform in public again is for them to correct any errors that you’re making.

Don’t Complicate Things

Again, for many who lose their hearing, there is this thought that they need to perform differently to achieve the same effect they did when they could hear. But if you were a skilled musician before your hearing loss, you should trust that you still are afterward. Don’t change the way you practice, and don’t alter your technique. What made you successful, your skills and natural talent, still reside within you. They haven’t gone anywhere.

Take Advantage of the Best Technology

Is your hearing loss total, or only partial? There are hearing aids you can get from places like https://www.miracle-ear.com/hearing-aids and elsewhere, and you should explore them to see if any can be of help to you. Hearing aids are more advanced than they used to be. Speak to an audiologist about what you can do to make the most out of what hearing you still have.

Also, make sure you are checking out articles like this one https://wonder-ear.com/blogs/articles/eargo-hearing-aid-reviews-complaints-alternative to ensure that you are making the most informed decisions with your hearing aid technology.

Get Frequent Assessments of Your Condition

Your hearing loss may be something that changes over time, and just because it is a certain way at one point does not mean that it is going to remain there indefinitely. Make sure to see the best doctors regularly to get their advice as you adjust to your new situation. There are technological breakthroughs in combatting hearing loss that come about every day, and you never know which new tool or gadget might make a significant difference for you.

Try to remain optimistic about your prospects, and don’t let your love for music perish. If you have a gift of musical talent then you should not deprive the world of it, even if you can no longer hear it in quite the same way you once could.

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