Now, I know I’m a bit of a health and fitness freak but I also love my food and if you’re anything like me and also love your food it can be difficult to live on a budget when everything looks so delicious. When I’m on holiday I love to go head first and experience new cultures, which means getting stuck into all the traditional local foods on offer but being honest it can quickly get expensive.

To me, when I’m on holiday, it’s my time to indulge myself, but I also don’t want to come home bankrupt. I’ve picked up some savvy tricks when I’ve been on holiday that have allowed me to stick to a budget and eat healthily at the same time.

Check Out the Small Local Restaurants

Off of the beaten track you’ll generally find that there are lots of little local restaurants that cook traditional family style food and are, more often than not, cheaper than the more fancy restaurants that you may find around the harbour, in the city or that comes with the beach view.

These smaller quaint restaurants tend to be run by families and have a more homely feel about them. I’ve always found that the food tends to be simpler, containing fewer ingredients and more rustic and results in a lower cost to you.

Visit the Market to Buy Fresh Produce

When I’ve ever tried to order a fruit salad in a restaurant or a side of vegetables the portions are tiny and the prices are sky-high, which is ridiculous if you ask me. To try to save money and to make sure that I’m still getting (or making an effort to) get my five-a-day I like to check out the local markets to buy some fresh produce that I can keep in the fridge in the hotel room. Mainly, I buy things like apples, bananas, peaches and berries that are easy to put in my bag for snacks or don’t take up too much room, plus they can you give you an added energy boost if you’re feeling a bit meh.

Take Your Own Snacks With You

It does sound boring to take your own snacks with you when you’re about to embark on an exciting holiday full of new taste experiences, but it’s a great way to save money and one o. I like to pack things like nuts, dried fruit and healthy snack bars that are great to have on long walks exploring the local towns and on day trips. Please remember to check the guidance on taking food into a country as I know that some places can be very strict about this and it’s better to be in the know than to be surprised and potentially disappointed when you arrive on your holiday.

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