People need little convincing about the benefits of exercise. However, the options are intimidating. Does one go to the gym or workout at home? Should you use machines or free weights? Should you go to cardio classes or lift weights with a partner? Some choose to workout at home, assembling equipment to fit their needs. The Smith machine helps target a number of body areas and is making a huge comeback. Here’s why.


The Smith machine is sturdy and has the ability to hold a lot of weight. The catch is that the lifter does not have to focus on balancing the weight evenly. The machine does that for you. You can concentrate on lifting weight while getting stronger more quickly. It’s a great machine for those who are looking to get tone or build strength.


Smith machines are not cheap yet they are priced competitively. Otherwise, you would have to invest in going to a gym, which could cost hundreds to thousands. Or, you would have to get other gym equipment that could equal the options of a Smith machine. Considering the number of exercises it allows, Smith machines are a bargain.


How long can the Smith machine last? Maybe for the rest of your life. These machines are sturdy and withstand years of heavy lifting and use. When you compare the upfront cost to that of a gym membership over a 10 year period, the former’s value becomes apparent. Moreover, since you own it, you could recover money by selling it. But even better, if you keep it, it serves as a reminder to use it!


A lot of options exist to vary a workout for those who own a Smith machine. One can use it in supplement with a flat bench to work the chest muscles. One can sit on a chair and lift to target the shoulders. Stand slightly in front of the barbell as you crouch and stand back up to work your legs and buttocks. There’s more to do for arms, back, etc.


Smith machines are safe enough for teens to use as well as those who are above the age of 65. As mentioned, the stationary design takes a lifter’s concern away from balancing the bar. Moreover, several safety latches ensure that lifters have plenty of options for the machine to bear all of the weight when needed. It’s a great feature that allows a lifter to really push it without having to worry about safety.

Idle or Not

A Smith machine is a premier piece of equipment. So much so that your friends are likely to be envious or come over to workout with you. Alternatively, the stability, options, and safety features make it perfect for those who want to workout alone. So, an owner has the option of starting their own workout club or lifting idly within the comfort of their own home.

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