When it comes to any section of your wardrobe, it’s easy to revert to those black, so-called staple items. However, you should consider some bold new styles. What’s better, such styles can be worn both in and out of the gym.

When choosing your workout clothes, don’t save them just for when you work out. Stylish and bold gym gear can serve a dual purpose; they are perfect for both when you’re not breaking a sweat and when you are. Take, for example, tracksuits. Have you noticed how this clothing style has evolved over time? Not only the gym enthusiasts, but also travelers, urban gadabouts, hipsters, and even celebrities favor this piece of clothing. The growing popularity of tracksuits can be attributed to the comfort that it provides to its owners. Moreover, tracksuits serve a dual purpose as well, which can be another reason for their popularity. Anyway, if you are one of them who is looking for gear that can serve a dual purpose, then a tracksuit can be a perfect match for you. Remember, you can shop for stylish and affordable tracksuits from webshops like Gym King (click here for an array of mens tracksuits).

Additioanlly, you can switch your workout game up a notch while also switching up your wardrobe. To be honest, it is not as difficult. If you are wanting a more edgy and street-style look, you can search websites such as https://lycheethelabel.com/collections/asian-streetwear to see what they have to offer for your style overhaul.

Hoodie – the ultimate throw-on piece of clothing

The hoodie is the ultimate comfort piece of clothing; perfect to throw on for going to and leaving the gym. As it doesn’t exactly scream “gym”, you can also easily incorporate it into your non-gym outfits.

Move away from the simple hoodie and try a borg teddy hoodie; such a style is all in for both men and women. You could also inject a veritable splash of neon into your outfit here, with orange and yellow pieces available from the likes of Good for Nothing and RARE, as stocked by SEEK Attire.

Should you opt for something bold, the rest of your look will benefit from quieter colours, so you can be forgiven should you want to stick to a simple pair of joggers or even some jeans.

Joggers – a smoother, more stylish silhouette

Everyone needs a comfortable pair of joggers; whether they are poly or fleece, they will keep you cosy and looking stylish all year round. Joggers no longer have to be plain; try branching out from the block black and grey colours.

Select some tapered leg with a side panel stripe in a bold red or royal blue. If you’re feeling a little bolder than a simple side panel, opt for a pattern – chevron has returned. Not only are joggers effortlessly stylish, their super-soft fabric means that they are dreamily comfortable. They are ideal for when you’re giving it your all in the gym or simply chilling at home.

T-shirts – a basic staple for every wardrobe

T-shirts can act as brilliant layering pieces that you are able to transition through any season. As they are super-lightweight, they don’t risk weighing you down during your workout.

Casual, form, short- and long-sleeve t-shirts can be worn for just about any occasion, in and out of the gym. If you are looking for something a little bolder, opt for a bright block colour – or better still, choose a dip-dye or ombre item.

You could also choose a striped shirt; a striped t-shirt can make a great wardrobe staple, as it would enable you to add personality to your outfit easily.

Striped t-shirts are also highly dynamic, as they can be worn during the daytime or evening, regardless of what you are doing. Pinstripes, wide stripes or even jacquard can liven up your wardrobe now. In fact, striped t-shirts are quite the trend of the season, and have made their way from the festival season to an all-season fashion statement.

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