It’s one thing most quitters dread. It’s difficult to think of a reason to continue smoking cigarettes yet no person likes to gain weight, a regular side effect of quitting. But the added pounds is no reason to continue smoking. Here’s how to quit cigarettes and keep the pounds off.

Change the Diet

Too many people quit cigarettes without coupling the act with a change in diet. Take away cigarettes and a person becomes hungry. The added hunger packs on more pounds unless a person does something proactive. For example, plan ahead and change your eating and exercise regimen. It’s likely you’ll be eating more so you’ll need to choose healthier foods of lesser calories as well as work out more often.

Start Vaping

Those who quit cigarettes find it hard to walk away from nicotine. Can you really go from a pack a day to just a few cigarettes or less? Perhaps not! That is why, instead of jumping from smoking 10 cigarettes one day to no smoking the other day, which would trigger withdrawal symptoms and make it harder for you to quit, it is best to switch to a better alternative. Vaping could be a great option that you can explore in this regard. If you are a newbie, it would be recommended to start with a vapengin disposable vape kit. It can be an economical choice and help you to curb your desire to smoke cigarettes.

It’s easier to start vaping e-liquids with small amounts of nicotine. That way, vapers get a nicotine fix without the harmful ingredients found in cigarettes and cigars. Plus, vapers have tons of flavors at their disposal, so the pickiest of smokers can find something tasty. Get Twelve Monkeys eLiquid where gourmet e-juice is sold.

Curbed Senses

The lack of smoke in your nasal and throat cavity is sure to revive your sense of smell and taste, a big reason quitters become avid eaters. Since it’s to be expected, do things to curb your urges. Eat smaller portions but take longer in chewing and enjoying the food. Also, add more spice and herbs to your food as you’ll be better at tasting them.

Don’t Binge

People gain weight by binge eating. Consider the size of a dog’s stomach if owners allowed them to eat at will! A dog would eat itself sick or worse and humans are not much better at self-control. It’s a big reason people portion food and take longer to eat. That way you don’t put too much in your body as your mind has time to remind the stomach that it’s full.

Keep Occupied

People snack while watching television and sitting on the couch. Eating is something we do when we’re bored. Why not? The fridge and cupboard filled with food is merely steps away. But committing to such several times per day throughout the week all year is sure to pack on pounds. Those are a lot of added calories due to random snacking and boredom. On the contrary, keeping active burns calories to the point where we have to remember to eat between a busy schedule.

Drink More Water

Sometimes we are actually thirsty when we think we’re hungry. Being thirsty involves similar stomach pangs, yet it is more enticing to grab a chocolate cookie than a glass of tasteless water. There are reasons to drink more water but one of them is to curb your appetite and the habit of snacking between meals.

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