Individuals who got into personal training 20 years ago were really onto something. The industry is booming and now hiring a PT isn’t only for the rich and famous but a realistic option for many. The market is highly competitive, but becoming a PT still offers the genuine opportunity to deliver a genuinely liberating career. Be your own boss, have a positive effect on peoples lives, the local park or the gym floor is your office we could go on..,

Giving yourself an advantage from the onset

Make sure you take a great personal training course. Courses run at venues across the UK, but they are very popular in the capital cities of London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast. Getting your certification through an accredited provider who delivers a host of fitness programmes is a great way to ensure you give yourself an advantage from the get-go. The right training course will provide you with more than a piece of paper. It will offer you an entry point into some extensive networks, and highlight the tools with which to manage your career.

The certified personal trainer glass ceiling

Now you’re qualified, I specifically want to discuss is the barriers you could hit which will prevent you from going further in your career – stopping you from carving out your slice of the lucrative health and fitness niche.

The personal trainer glass ceiling exists! There is a definite barrier to growth that holds many back, and limits career prospects forcing many down a somewhat predictable route or even out of the sector altogether. There are only so many hours in the day!  So there literally isn’t that much time for the bread and butter one-on-one personal training session.

Straight away you’re going to need to consider small group training. Charging a lower rate per client but upping your overall hourly rate. You decide to go the route of hosting a class such as a boot camp or a circuit training with a much lower entry cost, allowing for 30+ clients. You have to carefully balance this against the quality you’re able to offer, and the results you’re looking to deliver. But by widening the base of your client pool, you have more chance of picking up more higher value private sessions down the line.

Smashing the glass ceiling

Sessions are full, and you have plenty of one-ones, in fact too many! But you are not satisfied.., you want to help more people, and you want to earn more money!

You always new that becoming a personal trainer is somewhat of an entrepreneurial venture, so now you need to separate yourself from the pack. Many PT’s learn the hard way that you cant develop the skills to grow a business while working 50+ hours a week on the gym floor. You can increase your value and thus the amount you can charge by taking additional training often called continuing professional development (CPD). Holistic health and “wellness” is the next big craze and getting in their early with some mindfulness training or a yoga course could set you apart from the pack.

But hiring your own venue can be the most significant step in your career. But many PT’s put this off for too long. You don’t need a high spec gym full of commercial grade kit. With the rise of Crossfit and the awareness of HITT training, a “Box” style space with some functional equipment would be a great place to start. With the ever-increasing floor rent in many of the commercial gym chains, you would be surprised that you may even make a saving renting your own space.

Another way to smash the glass ceiling as a personal trainer is to add other disciplines to your repertoire. Becoming a certified yoga instructor allows you to teach a yoga class to students. You can also study to become a certified massage therapist. Both yoga and massage offer you the chance to increase your value to clients.

Your approach to smashing the glass ceiling should be driven by a plan to generate multiple income streams and maximizing your time. Passive income is the dream, consider creating a fitness website and monetizing it by producing some nutrition guides, training videos for which you charge a small fee for instant access. These small online sales can quickly add up but also be a great lead generation tool. Before you know it, you could be in the lucrative online personal training niche.

Consider periodically hosting events at new venues that may have a similar clientele, for example, a beauty spa or a dance studio. Imagine delivering a free cycling specific strength workout, with a yoga-inspired cool-down at you local triathlon club would be a great way to attract new clients to your facility.

So overall if you focus on quality and working “smarter not harder” the crack in the glass ceiling will soon start to appear.

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