addiction resourcesThe first step towards recovery is recognizing your addiction and making the decision to overcome it. No one has to undergo this journey alone, but should seek alcohol or Drug Addiction Help, while also reaching out to family and friends for support.

What is a detoxification program?

A detoxification program tackles drug or alcohol addiction while supervised by a GP and a nurse. While programs can differ at different centers and according to individual patient needs, they generally last about 10 days for alcohol addiction but can be longer for drug addiction. Patients are provided with accommodation, a tailored timetable, an idea about the various addiction resources with statistics and numbers, therapy, assessments and medicines, all tailored to the individual client to help them tackle their addiction. These programs give addicts the chance to live without these substances, allowing them to re-enter society with the chance of a new start.

The first step

A detoxification programme helps tackle addiction both physically and psychologically. While it will help you stop abusing drugs or alcohol in the short term, it also gives you the tools to continue your long term recovery. Once patients have successfully tackled withdrawal symptoms, follow up therapy is essential to ensure recovery is a success.

Withdrawal symptoms

Once abusers have made the choice to turn their lives around, often the most difficult obstacle can be withdrawal symptoms. A detoxification programme helps you deal with these in a controlled environment, ensuring neither you or anyone around you is harmed.

Withdrawal symptoms can include sweating, anxiety, muscle aches, agitation and insomnia. As a result of these symptoms patients can become violent, but a programme will provide protection for you and everyone around you. Patients can be prescribed medicines to help them deal with symptoms of psychosis, depression or chronic pain. Patients do not have to deal with withdrawal symptoms alone but will receive psychiatric and medical care.

Psychiatric care

Often addicts have or can develop mental health issues, and a detoxification programme will help you take the first steps towards tackling these. The staff are trained in treating mental health disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Individually tailored plan

Most importantly, just as no patient is the same, no addiction is the same so that programmes will be tailored to you and your specific needs. They will help you identify specific problems and goals and help you address and reach these. They will also provide you with continued support by devising a plan for when you leave to help you continue your recovery. You will be given guidance for finding the right therapist and will be given educational classes. These classes will educate you on the effects of alcohol and drug use, giving you the tools you need to overcome the addiction.

It is essential that you find the right programme for you, especially one that will tailor their programme to meet your specific needs. The Ana Treatment Centre can offer you just that. All their programmes are adapted to meet specific requirements, and they accept both public and privately funded clients.

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