Some have nicknamed salon visits “cheap therapy” or “self-care,” and they aren’t wrong. A good hairdresser is someone you hold onto and are committed to. Some even get possessive and don’t like sharing their “secret person” with others in case they get too popular and don’t find time for them anymore.

However, in addition to having your hair person on speed dial, there are other people worth programming in as well, beyond your best friend and your mother.

We’re talking about your gynecologist (oops, sorry if you were a man and read up to this point!)

Why is it that gynecologists are only ever seen if there’s something “wrong” down there, we’re pregnant, or we’re having trouble conceiving? We should be as dedicated and committed to visiting their office as we are with our hair — it’s our health for goodness’ sake! It won’t take long to find a gynecologist in Montreal who can help you!

Here are a couple of reasons that gynecologists are worth visiting regularly. 

You know your baseline

It’s a lot harder to fix something if you don’t know what it works like when it’s operating normally. Once you have a longer patient-doctor relationship with your gynecologist, the more he or she will know what’s “normal” for you and what’s worth mentioning. It will also raise red flags a lot more quickly when needed.

Fertility Planning

Maybe right now is not the right time for you to have a family. Or maybe it is. Having a professional on your side will help you guide the decision-making and the correct steps in order for you to achieve your fertility and family planning goals. Be frank with your apprehension and plans, it’s time to open up with all there is on the topic.

Stuff Can Go Wrong

For women, reproductive organs can often be starting points for serious illnesses like cancer. Having regular visits with lab testing can give you peace of mind and early detection if the worst was to happen. Scheduling regular check-ups, not just referrals for abnormalities means that you will have shorter wait periods for appointments and already a lengthy medical history with your doctor.

While having your beauty team at your beck and call is important for your identity and self-confidence, having your medical team on speed dial means that you can treat your body with the love and respect that it deserves.

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