With the weather starting to get warmer and the first day of summer officially beginning June 21, now is as good a time as ever of getting a bike out, and starting to bike to work. There’s a lot of benefits to biking as opposed to driving to work. Below are a few of the key benefits, that I’ll be highlighting.  

Health Benefits

There are a lot of various benefits related to health make the smart decision to bike instead of drive to work. When you take a bike instead of getting behind the wheel of a car, what a lot of people don’t realize is that it can impact your mental health. There’s nothing like it on earth, as you bike through your local streets on your way to work, you’ll notice your head to start clearing up. It also gives you the opportunity to take a step back, and prepare for the busy day you have ahead. At the end of the day, it allows you to forget about the stresses of work as you bike home. 

Aside from the mental benefits, there are of course the physical benefits that biking every day has. One of the best benefits is that by biking to and from work, you’ll be getting one of the best cardio workouts of your life. It will also allow for you to lose countless calories as you pedal your calories away.  

Go down to your local bike shop, and find the right bike that you’ll be using hopefully every day of your life. You’ll be able to ride for kilometres at a time to get to your destination. As you bike to, and from work, on a daily basis, you’ll strengthen your leg muscles, improve your lung health, and boost your stamina.

Economic Benefits

While this benefit is not as typical as the other two, it’s still important to keep in mind. One of the key benefits of biking to and from work, is your ability to impact the local economy. The local economy is heavily dependent on consumers buying local vs. buying from a box store. Instead of buying your bike from one of those large chains, consider going down to your local bike store and buying from there. A lot of bike stores have been around for some time now, with their one goal being providing bikes to their local communities. 

Seperate from buying your bike from the local bike store, also consider shopping local as you bike to and from work.  When you’re biking to work, you’ll have a greater opportunity to see some of the small businesses around the city.

You can help the local economy by shopping in all of these stores on your way to and from work. Shopping with small businesses is a way of doing your part for the city. Plus, you might find that it’s easier to stop on your way home from work by bike because there’s no need to deal with traffic or having to find a parking place.

Environmental Benefits

One of the most important reasons to bike more is that it offers a number of environmental benefits. Consider how many emissions are released by your car when you drive it. Then, look at the number of emissions released by taxis and buses. Bikes are clearly the better option for the environment because they don’t use oil or petrol to bike.

You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint considerably, just by choosing to bike to and from work. You can just toss on a helmet and pedal your way to anywhere you need to go, including a restaurant on your lunch break.

There are so many ways for you to benefit from riding your bike to and from work. One of the other opportunities is for you to get your coworkers in on it too. Once your co-workers start to see how healthy and happy you are with your choice in transportation, they may start riding their bikes, too. Before long, you may have encouraged dozens of people to forego their vehicles, helping to reduce the carbon footprint in your city.

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