It’s often been said that if you want loyalty, get a dog! That rings true in more ways than one and if you’ve been struggling to find a gym buddy with as much commitment levels as you harbour, your pet dog might just make for your most willing gym-partner yet.

Dog owners fall in love with dogs in general because they learn to read all the individual personality dogs actually have, despite what many people may thing about our loyal canine companions. If you’ve owned or cared for, or even if you’ve played with more than one dog in your life, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Dogs do indeed have personalities and often it takes just a bit of love from their human companions to truly bring it out.

I remember one of the dogs we had growing up, which wasn’t the first dog we’d had by the way, didn’t care much for playing “fetch” or at least that’s what it seemed like since it just wouldn’t go fetch, whatever it is you threw. Even when he was made to witness other dogs playing fetch, he just didn’t seem to be bothered. He was also not too keen on long walks, but oddly enough when a cousin of mine came over, all of a sudden all the personality came out and it turned out that the little canine was very eager to get as active as we all knew he might like to be.

It turned out that he’d inherited a condition which usually formed due to over-breeding of the same purebred bloodline, which limited his mobility or caused discomfort when he was made to engage in sudden physical activity.

That was nothing some joint-lubrication dog supplements couldn’t fix however, but a more “natural” way of getting him active was to ease him into it, by warming his muscles up with small actions.

These days there are so many pet products online which one can buy directly to give their canine best friend the best there is, but either way, getting your dog active can have you in for the best gym buddy you could have ever asked for. Obviously you can’t take him to the actual gym and have him spot for you while you take it in turns to complete bench-presses, but if you want to go out for a long jog or if you want to warm up with a bit of Frisbee, if your canine friend is fit and healthy, they’ll be more than willing to join you.

You might even be surprised to learn just how much stamina your dog friend has and taking him along on your cardio exercise sessions could very well take care of annoyances such as a restless dog which chews up everything it can find or an insecure one which only wants to bite everyone when not barking wildly at them and other dogs / pets.

But just try it — take your dog along for your next cardio exercise session and you’ll probably realise you’ve had the best gym buddy right there with you all along.

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