Everyone wants to have Hollywood-white teeth, which explains why whitening procedures are so popular. That said, not all whitening treatments are created equal, and there are certain mistakes you can make during the whitening process that can interfere with results. One of the most common issues is finding that your teeth have been unevenly whitened.

Generally, this is due to misaligned teeth. They can create shadows and areas that are harder to reach, resulting in uneven whitening effects. To achieve the best and most uniform whitening outcome, it’s essential to start with a well-aligned dental foundation. These days it’s easy enough to get straight teeth with Invisalign or a similar orthodontic procedure, which not only sets you up nicely for whitening but also has more practical benefits. However, there are other types of cases as well.

Visiting a reliable cosmetic dentist can prevent uneven teeth whitening. They are trained to perform teeth whitening procedures in a safe and effective manner to achieve a uniform, bright smile. By visiting a clinic similar to this cosmetic dentistry rancho san diego practice, you can be confident that the right products and techniques would be used to avoid damaging your teeth or causing uneven results. Additionally, a cosmetic dentist can also advise you on proper aftercare and maintenance to keep your newly whitened teeth looking their best.

Regardless, keeping these four easy tips in mind should help you prevent any accidents.

  1. Invest in Custom-Fit Trays

Yes, over-the-counter whitening trays and whitening strips are cheaper than custom-fit whitening trays, but they’re never going to fit around each tooth perfectly. As such, they might not place the complete surface of each tooth in contact with the whitening agent – that’s obviously a situation you want to avoid if you’re after even results.

  1. Get Your Teeth Cleaned Before Whitening

You might brush and floss religiously – unfortunately, a certain amount of plaque can still harden into tartar, particularly around tough-to-reach areas. Whitening agents cannot penetrate tartar, so having your teeth whitened when patches of tartar exist is only going to produce uneven results – where the tartar is, you’ll be left with a yellow blotch. Tartar cannot be removed at home, but you can have it professionally removed by a dentist or hygienist.

  1. Choose a skilled dentist

If the dentist lacks the necessary expertise or uses incorrect methods, it can lead to uneven whitening or even potential damage to the teeth or gums. In contrast, a skilled and experienced healthcare professional would use appropriate techniques and products to ensure even and consistent teeth whitening results. To achieve satisfactory outcomes, therefore, it is imperative you choose a qualified and reputable dentist in denver co, or wherever you are located.

  1. Resist Foods and Drinks that Stain

It’s a bad idea to drink or eat anything that can stain your teeth while they are being whitened. This is partly because your teeth will be more susceptible to staining, but it’s also because staining compounds affect certain teeth more than others. Those at the front, for example, will be most exposed.

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