Fitness strategies for over 60s should be simple to follow and should not leave out any element of fun. Fitness activities should never become tiresome or boring as this would hamper the efforts of the older people who are trying to stay fit. The fitness strategies for over 60s should always include some form of fun or amusement such as games, challenges or puzzles. This can help in burning up extra calories and maintaining the enthusiasm.

Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is the environmental factors that come into play when working out. It would be wise to plan a workout schedule that involves outdoor exercises at least five days a week. For those who live in apartments, this need not be a problem. For older people who want to burn fat, cardio workouts indoors will do just fine. But for others, the outdoors is the only option available for jogging, walking or even cycling.

The schedule should also be realistic enough to be followed by an older person. The schedule should be structured into three to five hour sessions with one to two hours being dedicated to lifting weights or working on cardio equipment. There should be pauses in between each session for resting, eating, drinking and entertaining. Just like any other regime, the frequency of the workouts should be based on how fast the body responds to the exercises. For those who have slow responses, higher frequency might be needed.

While working out at home, the fitness strategies for older people can also be carried out in group classes run by an instructor. It can be helpful to interact with like-minded people who share the same goals and thus support each other. This is much more productive than spending time alone in the comforts of your home with nothing to contribute to your efforts.

Getting social with the people around you also helps in burning off extra calories. Working out at the comfort of your home makes it all too easy to get distracted by the television or laptop screen. While doing workouts at home, it is wise to keep a good focus on your goals. Remember to set reasonable fitness goals and keep to them. Do not push yourself beyond your limits.

One final thing to consider is safety. Exercise in the presence of an unsupervised older person should be considered carefully. If they are able to walk, they must be monitored by someone. They may need to be accompanied by someone while working out if they fall.

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