Every body builder or woman should have at least one gym they visit regularly. The best time to visit the gym should be when your body is in the best physical condition. This would be right after a good work out at the gym or a strenuous activity like riding a bike. When you are fit, your body will not feel tired as it usually does when one is fat. This should be the best time to do an exercise in the gym.

However, if you are a beginner, you should not rush to the gym and join just any exercise program. You must first do a free weights workout or cardio workouts at home. Doing free weights can help you tone up your muscles and burn more calories. And this is the best way for beginners.

Ideally, you should have a routine in place when it comes to your gym workout. But this does not mean you have to stick with only one routine for six weeks. Instead, you can have a changing routine depending on the results you see from your current routine. If you see that your muscles are not showing any signs of improvement, you can immediately change your routine and make a more appropriate routine for your body.

But if you are doing a regular routine for your belly fat workouts, then you should focus on those exercises. These exercises will target those parts of the body that has the highest rate of fat accumulation. This would mean upper body exercises like dead lifts and squats. Lower body exercises like pull-ups, chest presses, shoulder press, and abdominal crunches can also be done.

If you choose to use free weights for your workout routines, you will need a wide variety of weight training equipment. This includes free weights such as barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands. But for exercises that target large muscle groups, machines are needed. Machines include leg presses, chest presses, squats, and military press. Free weights can be effective if done properly, but they require a lot of work in balancing the weights, so it is advisable that you have a spotter when using free weights.

Another effective, low-impact way of doing a cardio workout without having to bring along a gym equipment is by using a treadmill for your cardio workouts. A well-designed treadmill requires almost no space at all, and so you can do workouts in your own home or office. Using a treadmill for your cardio workouts, allows you to be able to move at your own pace. You can adjust the incline of your treadmill to tailor a workout to your needs, and a good quality treadmill can cost less than $200.

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