When we hear the word influencer, we automatically assume it to be some beauty guru or a fashionista. Though the competition in this genre is high, other sectors too have equivalent public interest. Whether teaching stocks or showing how to quilt, you will always find an audience.


So, you found your niche in a specific industry and have a moderate number of followers. Now, what? How can you improve your visibility and get a broader reach? It isn’t just about using trending hashtags and coming up with exclusive content but much more.


Here you will learn the nuances of the trade that will help you grow your audience base,


Not just the gram


Instagram has been trending among most social networking applications. It isn’t amusing to see one person having two different accounts for completely distinct purposes. Everybody wants to be seen here and hence doesn’t mind following the trend the gram throws.


However, that shouldn’t be your only approach. When creating an audience for yourself, know which other platforms most of them are active on (apart from the core app). It helps you to route the audience to other apps if need be. 


Not just a communication


The most common mistake any influencer does is creating a one-way communication channel. Of course, people love to hear you, but they also like to be heard. Polls and Q&A sessions are a great way to interact with the audience. However, it isn’t necessarily a meaningful connection.


Emailing is a great way to communicate with the masses at a personal level. It allows every follower to share what they want to say and for you to create a deeper connection with your audience. But it has to be done properly and efficiently. Click here for more info if you’d like to learn how segmentation can help with sending the right message to the right people on your email distribution list. Don’t have an email distribution list yet? Well, there’s always someplace you have to start.


Create an email list of your followers using email search tools like GetEmail.io and send them your regular updates and newsletters. Its Chrome extension to your LinkedIn and Gmail accounts answers the question about how to find people’s email addresses.


More than a collab


Seeing their favourite influencers together in one frame is always exhilarating to the audience. They ship different celebrities and love to see more content creation from each other. Use this as an opportunity to meet influencers of various genres. It is always a win-win situation for both.


Both get to tap into each other’s audiences’ potential. You get to learn tricks of the trade, all while sharing yours. Collaborations enhance the networking opportunities for different professionals. And, do not miss any chance to go to events as it is a great place to learn and interact with distinctive influencers.


Choose the brands wisely!


Once you start increasing the number of followers, the brand – big or small – will begin to hawk you for endorsements. Now, it might feel like a celebrity moment, and there is nothing wrong with indulging in the emotions. However, you must be cautious about the brands you wish to market. 


It isn’t about checking the brand’s authenticity but validating your worthiness as an influencer. Check if you’re treated on par with the market norms and not being exploited by the brands. Research properly before quoting any amount to the brand. Ensure that you have your creative liberty while signing any deal.


Final thoughts


While hashtags and keywords help you with the algorithms, following the above regularly enhance your brand as an influencer and aid you grow.

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