Bad weather does not have to cut into your exercise routine. Instead, being stuck indoors due to inclement weather can be just the excuse you need to try something new. Here are five exercises to try if in inclement weather:

P90X: Hailed as an effective, and challenging, system, the P90X can be done in the comfort of your own home. With a bit of searching you can find a quick demonstration before deciding whether you want to invest in the system.

Go Old School:  Alternating between pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and squats, can give you a good workout even if your weather app says that you need to skip the gym. A quick look at your free weather radar can help you plan to invite a few friends if exercising alone won’t do the trick.

Yoga: You can find a basic video to start. You will only need a mat or a carpet to try some yoga moves. This form of exercise is more challenging than it looks and will give you a good stretch in addition to strengthening smaller muscles. Android and iPhone both have weather apps you can download for free, and can warn you ahead of time so that you have time to choose a video, and maybe even invest in a yoga mat if you don’t have one.

Zumba: This is a fun and easy way to get you moving that is based on Latin dance. Zumba is also great cardio and can work muscles that you usually miss if you are not a dancer.

Hip Hop: If you want something more challenging, hip hop is a great and popular dance form. You can find a favorite choreography or a video online.

Your weather app will warn you of bad weather, but it is up to you to get creative about your workout routine.

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