Are you considering the option to pursue a full-time career in radiology? If yes, then let us congratulate you on making a wise choice as the field offers great potential for one to grow and develop into a seasoned professional. Wondering why we said that? Well, let us elaborate on this.

According to Job Outlook, an Australian government initiative, the field is set to undergo major growth, with an expected 25,000 jobs estimated to be added by November 2019. Additionally, the current situation makes for excellent job outlooks and opportunities, with less than 2,000 radiologists serving a population in excess of 24 million, highlighting the severe need for clinical practitioners.

So now that we have briefly looked at some of the reasons why your decision to become a radiologist might turn out to be a good one in the coming future, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should be compelled to pursue the career. Let’s start from the basics.

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Radiology

Here are five reasons why pursuing a career in radiology and becoming a clinical radiologist can be worth your while:

The Heart of Modern Medical Practice

Medical practice is evolving with the continued influx of technology (such as cloud-based medical billing systems, medical research-based improvements, etc.) paving the way for the more effective treatment of patients suffering from any and all types of diseases. As a radiologist, you are at the center of this change as you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest pieces of medical hardware like X-ray machines and software like a radiology information system to conduct diagnoses and treatments.

Help Patients Get Better

The use of technology has drastically improved the process of medical institutions, which in turn has directly impacted patient handling and treatment for the better. However, radiologists are also required to brief patients on any procedure or test which they have been prescribed as well as answering any questions which they may have. So, in short, they play a vital role in physically and emotionally preparing the patient for what is to come.

Earn a Good Remuneration

In the modern world, not every job pays well. However, the same cannot be said of the field of radiology. Radiologists who have a lot of work experience in the field can go on to earn up to AUS$550,000 per year.

Active Work Environment

Working as a radiologist is far from a boring profession, that is if you hold a genuine interest in the field. This is because the work environment will ask you to take on a diverse set of tasks, including the operation of medical machinery, prepping for patient testing, and informing patients about the procedure.

Diverse Set of Responsibilities

Pursuing your education in the field of radiology will present you with a lot of career paths by the time you graduate. Some of these might result in you working at a;

  • Breast imaging centre
  • Emergency clinic
  • Forensic research lab
  • Hospital imaging centre
  • Out-patient radiology centre
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