For women, giving birth to a little bundle of joy may be the ultimate gift of womanhood. However, for some, especially first timers, this may also result in various adjustments that often lead to postpartum depression (PPD).

Different methods to cope with postpartum depression have been studied and published. However, most of them rely on antidepressants and joining support groups.

The problem with that is not all mothers have the finances to buy medicines nor the extra time to mingle with others.

Here’s where a simple walk comes to the rescue.

Why is Pram Walking the Best Alternative?

It’s simple. Unlike the squats or tilts other exercises require mothers to do to get rid of their belly fat, pram walking is not at all hard nor complicated.

While highly active exercises are recommended for those who want to lose their weight after giving birth, those who suffer from depression may find it even more depressing. Some mothers prefer to stabilize their mood with the help of handy and easy-to-use cannabis-based products (obviously after their babies are down for the night) and look to buy the best weed pens in their area for some relief from the depression they’re facing, but that cannot always be enough.

Those who are undergoing PPD usually do so because of the seemingly massive changes and tasks in front of them. Following an active exercise routine may be even more taxing for these individuals, especially if they can’t follow the steps.

With pram walking, all you need is to find the time and place to walk in, and you’re good to go. Also, you can set your own pace. No one will tell you to keep moving and work those muscles out. Walk all you want then rest all you want.

It does not require outside help. Unlike joining support groups or reaching out to a professional, pram walking requires only you (and your baby).

Your schedule is not at the mercy of anyone else’s free time. If you feel like walking now, you can step outside and start exercising.

Once you have determined when and where you plan to stroll around, the next thing to do is to choose your clothes, put a bit of makeup on, put your baby in the pram, and you’re all set.

You can do it anytime of the day. Given the optimal weather conditions, pram walking may be done anytime of the day.

But then, of course, the best time would be when your baby is about to sleep and is not looking for milk. This will avoid the need for you to stop every now and then to feed.

So observe your daily routine with your little one and pick out the best time for the both of you.

If you happen to be in an area where the weather is unpredictable, you may opt to do the walking in a covered building such as the mall. Just choose one that’s not too crowded or noisy.

You can spend more quality time with your baby. Although being at home allows you and your baby to bond for as long as you want, the other tasks waiting around the corner definitely distract you. As a result, you can’t wait to put your little one to sleep so you can start doing the laundry, cleaning the bottles, etc. Once you are done with your daily household work, you may feel tired and want to relax your mind while the baby is asleep. You could try some cannabis concentrates like rosin (you might want to read blogs abouthair straightener rosin and similar others for extraction process), which might help in lifting your tired mood from doing domestic work.

When you are outside walking with your baby, however, your mind is taken away from all the hustle and bustle at home. You can focus more on your little one or the surroundings if your LO is asleep.

This may also be a good time to stimulate your baby’s senses. The sights and sounds surrounding you are perfect learning materials that you can optimize to let your baby know the differences between objects.

You can have a random support group. Who doesn’t get attracted by a grinning baby?

When walking outside, it is not uncommon for random people to go near you and ask about you and your baby. This is a good opportunity for you to have casual talks with them.

And with these conversations, I am pretty sure you will meet at least one who has undergone similar challenges just like you, and they can give you tips on how to overcome it.


Fighting postpartum depression is not an easy feat. It makes sense that people have made use of medication and other means (like those seen on Delta Munchies) to help them get it under control. If your budget doesn’t recommend buying antidepressants or your mood doesn’t make you feel like reaching out to someone,, however, you don’t have to cry in one corner and feel helpless about it. Try pram walking for your baby and you.

Simple walks around the neighbourhood with your baby may be the one that can save you.

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