Have you decided to live a healthier life free from toxic chemicals and potentially carcinogenic smoke? Do you want to make the transition from smoking to a healthier alternative, or even transition to being completely smoke-free?

This transition can be quite difficult to achieve, but you must not worry! This handy guide on 5 different ways which you can wean yourself off smoking can help you.

  1. Make the ultimate decision to quit or move to vaping

This may seem like an obvious step to take, but it is one that is completely necessary in order for you to begin your smoke-free journey or to move to vaping. Without the mindset of quitting, it will be very difficult to stick with the path that you have chosen – you need the conviction to stop.

This means that you must first identify the reasons why you intend to quit and stick with those reasons when you inevitably feel the urge to smoke.

  1. Pick a date which you will quit smoking or change to vaping

Much like with the point detailed above, it can be very difficult to quit smoking without the decision to quit being in the front of your mind. This is because picking a date in which you will quit smoking will give you a date to which to commit and also a plan on when to quit.

This plan and date will help you get determination to quit or reduce your smoking and continue to quit or reduce, too.

  1. Find an alternative to smoking

There are many different alternatives to smoking that can help you reduce your smoking habits, or even help you quit altogether. Pure E-Liquids provide a wide variety of different e-cigarettes which will allow you to consume the normal amount of nicotine that you usually do on a day-to-day basis, except without the harmful and toxic effects of smoking cigarettes. You can then start to slowly reduce the level of nicotine until one day you find that you aren’t craving it anymore.

Different modifications of vaping machines are readily available to purchase depending on what you require from your new smoking alternative. The range includes, but is certainly not limited to, short fills, e-cigarette kits, herb vape machines, shisha pens and many other alternatives. You could also try a dab rig bundle that uses medical cannabis instead of nicotine. This method will help to reduce the anxiety you may feel when your cravings start to build, helping you to ignore your body as it asks for a cigarette to satisfy it. It can also keep you busy during your cravings – many smokers find it hard to quit because they don’t know what to do with the spare time they have on their hands now that they aren’t popping out for a fag every 30 minutes. If you can keep yourself occupied with an alternative, you’ll find it much easier to kick the habit.

  1. Tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are going to quit smoking

In order to get the support and determination you will definitely need to quit or reduce your smoking habit, you must tell those close to you what you are intending to do. This is because not only can your friends, family and even your co-workers support and encourage you throughout your non-smoking journey, they can also distract you from straying and listen to you while you challenge yourself.

  1. Celebrate your victories, even if they are small ones

The first two weeks of quitting or reducing your smoking habit are the most difficult ones to achieve. It can be hard to stop something which you are so used to having. This is why celebrating your small victories, even those as small as just reducing your smoking by one cigarette a week, can be a wonderful way to keep yourself determined and focused on your long-term goals.

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