Going to the gym after a long day at work is a struggle. It’s hard to endure the hustle and bustle of the gym when you’re already tired. Plus, the traffic to the workout centre and the time you spend waiting on gym equipment might be affecting the number of sessions you get in a week.

If you’re tired of these gym blues, it’s time to reassess the money you spend on your gym membership. You can use this money to build your home gym! A few square feet in your home is enough to give you a convenient place to workout. With your own home gym, you don’t need to leave the house to work out. Here are nine tips to help you get started on yours:

Make sure you know the routine that fits you

In the gym, your trainer develops a workout plan that will deliver results for you. Use that plan and your personal body goals as your guide on which equipment will you invest in your home gym. This will help you plan the space that you’ll need. For example, an equipment like treadmill will need more space than a weight bench.

The space in between the equipment is also important. A crowded gym is a magnet of accidents. You don’t want that to happen now that you’re working out alone.

Choose sustainable, healthy flooring

Most homeowners who build their own home gym go for rubber flooring. There are other ideal flooring materials like Vinyl and Foam but the Melbourne architects from Superdraft Pty. Ltd. recommend sustainable carpet as gym flooring. Lay it over the rubber flooring in order to achieve maximum comfort and flexibility. Green, sustainable carpets also emit low VOC levels, thus keeping you healthy and safe while working out.

Prioritise ventilation

Be aware of the air circulation in a potential gym area. Gyms are sweaty-not applying proper ventilation is also unhygienic. Consider installing overhead fans so the air moves in and out of the room. You can also install a central air conditioning system but keep the temperatures slightly higher so the room does not get too cold. Get in touch with professionals who undertake HVAC Repairs & Maintenance in Charlottesville, VA (or wherever you reside) and have the system regularly serviced to ensure quality indoor air circulation, providing a healthier environment for you to work out in.

Get lots of light source

Whether you’re putting your gym in a room full of windows or not, you need to install bright overhead lighting. Consider installing artificial lighting like LED fluorescent bulbs. A well-lit space brings the energy up in the room.

Install huge mirrors

Huge mirrors double the space, visually. It can also help you avoid injuries. Large mirrors enable you to watch yourself while doing exercises, minimising the occurrence of accidents.

Use energising colours

You can use colours to boost your energy too! Following the colour psychology, colours such as orange, yellow, and neon create an energising vibe.

When used in the right place and in the right amount, lively colours can pump your energy level while working out. It also keeps you focused on working out.

But, if you’re into yoga…

Choose softer shades. Mellow colours, especially neutral beige, soft blue and green calm and soothes your mind and body.

Hang inspirational graphics

If you noticed, gyms have motivating visuals as a part of their interior design. Seeing encouraging slogans and photos of people and sports paraphernalia can help increase your motivation. It supports you for it reminds you of your personal body goals.

Buy second hand gym equipment

Don’t be seduced of purchasing new, trendy, and overly expensive gym equipment. Look for cheaper, second hand gym equipment over the internet. I’m sure there’s someone selling ab cradles, ab belts, dumbbells, weights, or treadmill that was once a part of someone’s home gym. Buying pre-owned gym equipment is an eco-friendly move and saves you money.

So, are you up to the challenge? If you have questions about creating your own home gym, send us an email info@superdraft.com.au

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