Ever dreamt of having your own pool table in the comfort of your home but you’re still trying to convince your other half or you’d love to have one but can’t see the benefits of owning one yourself?

Dream no more, there’s a lot of research out there that actually suggests that owning a pool table can highly benefit you and your family! There are many benefits but the Key 5 Benefits to Owning a Pool Table are:

1. Improving Family Relationships

Playing Pool can essentially improve your family bond as you will be spending more time together, away from the TV and video games. Children and parents that take part in regular family activities such as playing pool are reported to have shown more affection towards each other and have a stronger bond.

Some pool tables can dual-function as pool dining tables that can also improve family relationships. You can also get miniature options to fit smaller family spaces (like the ones that https://serp.co/best/mini-pool-table/ lists on their site). Either way, studies show that having family dinners reduces the risk of teenagers being anti-social in future life.

2. Improves Cognitive Function

Over the part 5 years, there have been many studies carried out on exercise and its relationship to cognitive health and functions.

This research has found that playing games such as 9-Ball Pool can improve cognitive function as you use various mathematical and physical judgements within the games itself. Planning ahead and concentrating on these shots develops improved cognitive functions such as memory, quick thinking and multitasking alike.

3. Improves Health in the Elderly

The University of Copenhagen recently released a study that showed that the elderly can reap social and health benefits from taking part in activities such as billiards.

Taking part in these games can combat ageing too, a recent study suggests that as a result of mental stimulation from light exercise, the elderly who exercised regularly were less sedentary and had more active minds too.

Pool can easily be played by all ages as it’s a very light sport, getting the whole family involved – including Grandma and Grandpa!

4. Reduces chances of Heart Disease

Regular light exercise can reduce heart disease by combatting some of the major causes of heart problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity as playing just 30 minutes of billiards can burn over 85 calories and increase blood flow to the heart!

In theory, playing pool a few times a week will reduce these major health risks.

5. Increases the Value of your Property

If you ever think about moving to another city with your family, think about this. 30% of UK adults said that they would pay more for a house or a flat that had a games room. Purchasing a pool table for your family and selling it along with your property could give you the extra money you need to move to your dream home.

Have you got your own pool table? What do you love about it, aside from playing pool?

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