With Easter around the corner, the growing anxiety of holiday treats threatening your eating habits can pop up again. From the endless chocolate bunnies to the massive feast served up by your relatives, it can all be quite overwhelming for your health. 

Here at The Training Room we feel this shouldn’t be the case, this is why we have put together a few simple ways you can eat healthy over Easter.

First things first, keep the eggs for Easter. We know how difficult it can be to walk into your local store without feeling the temptation to pick up a chocolate bunny for yourself. A simple way to eat healthy over Easter is to keep eggs for Easter, this way you can keep treat yourself for all of your patience on Easter without feeling the guilt!

However, if you find yourself getting tempted by the darkside before Easter then opt for protein packed snacks such as mixed nuts or get creative with snacks such as the nut butter boat to keep you going through the day. If worst comes to worst then we would suggest simply going for smaller Easter eggs instead of the big ones as they will go a long way in decreasing your calorie intake over Easter.

Easter is famous for getting hearty with your servings, so why not get hearty with your veggies? Over the Easter break, a great way to eat healthy is to double down on your vegetables. Not only will this help you get your 5 a day but the fibre from the vegetables such as broccoli will leave you feeling satisfied and full! Through a high fibre diet you will also feel less of a need to get your hands on some chocolate. 

Another way to eat healthy over Easter is to realise less is more. The size of your serving can be the difference between eating healthy or gaining those extra pounds over Easter. By sticking to the ideal portion of half vegetable, quarter protein and quarter grain you will be able to control what goes into your body while getting all the nutrients you need. 

Quite often people tend to associate eating healthy with having no fun, this simply is not the case! As part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle you are allowed a ‘cheat day’ and a great way to eat healthy over Easter is to give yourself a cheat day. By selecting a cheat day, you can enjoy Easter treats and whatever else is served your way. More importantly, you may even find that having a cheat day can help towards your fitness goals such as weight loss!

Our last tip for eating healthy over Easter is actually about something that starts your day, which is breakfast. When it comes to eating healthy over Easter it’s important to start your day with a healthy breakfast such as a blueberry spinach smoothie.

Beginning your day with a healthy breakfast means that you can start the day by giving your body all the nutrients it needs, especially over Easter when you may not be in control of what’s served at lunch or dinner!

Want to learn more about nutrition?

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