Have you ever wondered how some bloggers or website owners seem to diligently publish post after post on their blogs or websites when it seems like their only incentive to keep sharing valuable information is to grow their following? It doesn’t look like they’re making any money out of their blogs, especially in the case that they’re effectively competing in what seems like a saturated niche like the fitness niche, or even the health & fitness niche. So how then can you compete with all these people, particularly if your aim of entering this competitive niche is indeed to make some money for yourself?

A website is a marketing tool

The only difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is a little more engaging and to a certain extent more personal, acting as more of a content-sharing platform through which fresh content is published more regularly, whereas a website is more of a portal which gives prospective clients of the website owner a channel through which to communicate with the site owner. Normally, a website erected by Expedition Co. or similar web design companies is to share information about a business. Often, a website is more than just a shop window, it’s the entire way a business operates, while for others, it’s an essential tool that complements the services or products they provide. That is why learning a bit about the agency, their client experiences can seem to be important to consider when choosing your web developer.

Anyway, coming back to blogs, a blog can be considered as a type of website. Consequently, some of the basic principles of web design apply to blogs, such as the fact that at the end of the day, the blog or website is a marketing tool. To make the most out of your company and its website, it must have a efficient and smooth user friendly design. A professional company that specialize in this domain, could definitely help you out. For this though, you could research and learn more about various companies that could assist you in boosting traffic to your blog. Keep that in mind and you’re well on your way to monetising your blog, even if it’s not specifically of the fitness niche.

Things get a bit more specialised when it comes to the fitness niche however because this is perhaps the one industry in which a blogger can make money in ways that aren’t ordinarily associated with the conventional way of monetising a website or blog, hence the appearance of many fitness blogs as if they’re mere labours of love. So before we proceed with the monetisation mechanisms, keep in mind that a web presence in the form of a website or a blog is a marketing tool.

Referral relationships

In one way or the other, a website or blog owner makes money through advertising, the most glaringly obvious of which advertising practices are those which have sponsors’ links, banners and even referral links embedded in the content.

How you can extend those earnings and really make a killing however resides in your ability to be as specific as possible with the market you’re targeting, such as how I would target the SEO Manchester agencies offer as their speciality too. This is how to get to a specific market and once you’ve grabbed a hold of that specific market, you formulate direct referral relationships with local service providers, like personal trainers servicing the region and gym chains that might have special promotions in and around that specific area.

There should be an ultimate end-goal to the structures that come together to make up your fitness blog, such as the mentioned Search Engine Optimisation which has the potential to have your blog acting as a platform that brings together local services providers and local consumers.

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