The ability to yank your shirt off with sheer one-handed confidence is undoubtedly a great feeling, but whole lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes for one to be able to enjoy that feeling. If chiselling out a perfectly-sculpted summer body was easy, everybody would be walking around with a neat set of abs under their shirts, just looking for an excuse to lose their top.

Getting Started is NOT the Hardest Part

Despite what you might have repeatedly heard, starting an exercise regime is not the hardest part. Testimony to this are the squads of people you suddenly see at the gym at the beginning of each new year, who are occupying all the good spots in an attempt to see out their latest new year’s resolutions.

These numbers very quickly start to dwindle because the hardest part of working your way to achieving your fitness goals is indeed maintaining your training regime. Consistency is very hard to maintain and unfortunately it is indeed consistency which is the key to attaining your health and fitness goals. Yes, granted the most challenging part of maintaining consistency is in the formative stages of building that consistency up. It’s not even like trying to learn a new habit, but more like trying to kick an old habit and then replacing it with a brand new one – a brand new one which goes against the old habit completely.

There are however some motivational cues one can put in place in order to ensure you stay right on your exercise regime and personally, they’ve worked wonders for me so far. Signing up for tennis lessons, or a similar sport, would be great as someone would be likely to hold you accountable if you don’t show up regularly. Additionally, since this sort of sport requires a partner, you’d be more motivated to play with your regular tennis buddy.

First Thing in the Morning

Look it’s definitely not for everyone, but I find that if I work out first thing in the morning then it’s much easier for me to diligently stick to my fitness training regime. Making my workout the very first thing I do in the morning is effective in both the scenarios when I only have one workout planned for the day or if I have two sessions.

The best workout I find to do in the morning however is whichever one that involves cardio, such as running. Seriously, I run even before I brush my teeth or have breakfast, otherwise if I’m feeling really hungry then I have a nutritious juice, protein shake or breakfast bar.

This ensures I maintain my focus on the task at hand, so no stopping to have a chat with anyone (it’s not just the ladies who want to look their best at all time hey). I even have a special running shirt with a heat-press printed message reading “I woke up like this!” If you want more reasons as to why you should exercise first thing in the morning, check out this excellent post.

Embarking on a fitness journey can be exhilarating, but sustaining that enthusiasm over time requires strategic motivation. One game-changing approach is crafting your personal haven for physical wellness – a home gym. Imagine stepping into a space designed for your goals, with the power to transform your workout routine. The mere sight of your dedicated workout area can be a powerful cue to lace up those sneakers and get moving. While curating your home gym, pay attention to details that amplify your motivation, such as vibrant wall colors, big mirrors, and investing in quality gym flooring. Your home gym becomes a testament to your commitment, a sanctuary where you sculpt your best self, one workout at a time.

Kick Old Habits Out

Habits were mentioned before, how we need to kick out old ones to replace them with something new. That doesn’t just mean going from sedentary to active, this also means your lifestyle choices.

Do you drink alcohol? Maybe smoke? If you do, and you have tried to quit before, then you know exactly how hard it can be to go completely cold turkey and to push yourself to keep going whilst off it.

This is why, when you are transitioning from one habit to another, you need a bridge, something that will keep you moving forward without sending you into a downward spiral that affects your performance and forces you to stop.

These vices, mentioned before, can stop you from obtaining your goals, so it is a good idea to look at ways at how you can kick them. For instance, when it comes to smoking, why not look at vaping instead? It’s popularity is on the rise, people have felt better using vape sticks than actually smoking, plus, people can buy Bulk Vapes online so they don’t have to worry about going to their local shop to buy the packs and packs of cigarettes that are harming their bodies.

No matter how you start your fitness journey, always think of what you can do to make a good start of it and carry that positive feeling through.

Earning Your Keep

There are certain things in each of our lives we just live for and look forward to the whole day. Use these as a mechanism to force yourself to stick to your training regime by not allowing yourself access to them until you’ve completed your day’s planned workout(s). It’s not at all easy and there are definitely some days when I’ve said “Screw it, I can’t miss this game,” but I seldom manage to get back to the workout once the football’s finished. This is where my gym membership becomes important because I can’t just drop what I’m doing and head to the next room to watch football on the telly.

Create a Detailed Programme

A detailed programme should also include a sort of logging system, through which you essentially track you progress and try to relate that to the work you put in. There’s no better way through which to hold yourself accountable than by presenting yourself with evidence in black-and-white. You can even use some fitness apps to help you keep track of your progress.

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