As a results-driving individual who always seeks the most effective way of getting to the end goal in every area of my life I have control of, naturally I prefer quality over anything else and although it’s always wise to seek the best quality you can get at the lowest possible price, sometimes you just have to be willing to pay that little extra for the quality you desire. The ability to truly spot quality is somewhat of an art form though, but one which can be mastered through daily training that doesn’t even take all that much effort.

When you’ve finally mastered this art of being able to recognise quality when you see it and extract value out of anything, the overall quality of your life improves rather dramatically. It’s quite interesting to watch two people in the exact same position have their lives progress at vastly different rates, with the one progressing faster simply making use of this ability to pick out quality in a manner that’s somewhat geared and multiplied over time.

Oftentimes this ability to sniff out quality and efficiency by extension is honed through mastering what appears to be the rare skill of making connections where none seem to be in existence. In the same way that a football scout may be looking in the opposite direction to where the ball and the immediate action is when keeping an eye out for players they can potentially recommend to their employers, you have to be able to see the bigger picture by looking in places where connections have no right to exist really.

To give you a practical example of this quality-spotting ability in action, a law student I had the pleasure of mentoring for a bit (in relation to living a balanced life) accompanied myself and a friend to several meetings with some law firms we were vetting to finally settle on the services of one of them to help my buddy get through some personal legal matters he has to deal with. We finally settled on the services offered by Prime Lawyers, after which consensus the student lawyer demonstrated her ability to spot quality through a simple question she asked.

Now I have no idea if this is an acquired ability or an inherent one, but she simply asked whether or not we chose these particular lawyers because of the very direct and pointed questions they asked, as if already setting the wheels of justice in motion to construct a case. The legal experts asked about some specifics of my buddy’s digital footprint, which upon closer inspection we found that that was pretty much all the evidence required to build a solid case which is rightfully there for the winning.

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