Don’t you just wish you could go back to the good old days when you could practically eat anything and everything in the fridge to try and satisfy your seemingly insatiable hunger and not have that affect your body in any way since the activity you get from keeping up with your fast life was enough to burn all those calories? Similarly, for those of you who enjoyed a bit of Dutch courage to go along with all the exploits forming part of your late teens/ young adulthood fun, wasn’t it just the best being able to wake up the next day, shake off your hangover and go hard all over again?

Bar for the occasional ectomorph, whom in any case was perhaps just a tailor-made exercise away from beefing up to their heart’s content, wasn’t it also great to just be able to hit the gym for a sustained period of consistency over a month or so and then reap the very visible benefits of a very responsive late teens/ young adulthood body? I bet it was, but things tend to get a lot more difficult in that realm as one gets older and ventures deeper and deeper into adulthood.

Your body just doesn’t respond so readily to stimuli such as exercise, or at least not in as visibly as it did back when you were still a very young adult. At this stage in life the amount of effort you’d need to put in to reap the visual benefits of exercising needs to take the form of a colossal commitment – the type of commitment which would perhaps have you being referred to as a health and fitness buff amongst your circle of friends and family.

Who has that kind of time with all the other responsibilities we have in our lives, unless of course you’re active in that niche on more of a professional level?

Fortunately though those types of benefits which one would want from engaging in exercise and resolving to eat better aren’t as hard to come by, for example if you want to feel better in general and enjoy a strengthened immunity, you don’t need to exercise until you see a ripped figure staring right back at you in the mirror. The health benefits of living healthily through fitness and exercise can be realised without the suggested visual effect of looking like a toy action figure.

Some of the fittest footballers for example who have the biggest tank in terms of stamina are in worse visual-physical shape than those who can’t even last one quarter of the game, which brings into focus a little hack to get you all the way if you do want to seize back your old body, visually.

The NYC plastic surgery scene in particular caters very well to this need, where you might have someone who no matter how fit they are, their legs and glutes just don’t seem to match that internal fitness. In this case you can perhaps reward yourself with some cosmetic surgery to fill in the gap that just can’t be filled in, no matter what you seem to try.

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