It’s perhaps become a cliché and has been done to death, but the whole ‘dinner and a movie’ thing as a date never gets old, quite simply because it really makes for the perfect setting for a date. After all, going on a date is all about creating a set of circumstances which are great for the two of you to get to know each other. So you should never break your head about trying to come up with fresh ideas for a date — it’s not about what you do on the date really, it’s about who you do it with and how you do it with the view of just getting to know each other better.

So never mind about getting a reservation at that expensive restaurant and then heading over to the cinema to catch a movie. This is not how things are going to be for the next few years of your lives if the date develops into a solid, long-lasting relationship, so expectations should not be set as such. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking her out for some fine dining at her favourite lebanese restaurant london, she would enjoy the date even better with a different cuisine experience. In any case, be it a serious date or a casual one, remember that you both are out on a reason, which is to enjoy each other’s company. And, if you are looking for something more intimate than a casual date, you might also want to choose one of the best pheromones for women or men – you might not go wrong with that.

Not only are cheaper alternatives good for your pocket, but they perhaps also set the scene much better for the two of you to get to the nitty-gritty of what going on a date is all about. Booking seats for happy hour in Dallas might make the date much livelier and won’t hurt your pockets as much. So what are the other cheaper alternatives to hitting a fancy, an expensive restaurant which requires you to dress to the nines and then perhaps catching a movie at the cinema?

Picnic and Video-on Demand

Here’s an idea: instead of going to a restaurant to have dinner, why not pack a picnic and find a nice spot to really get personal with your engagement? The bit that would replace going to the cinema to catch a movie would perhaps take the form of enjoying your pick of video-on-demand content from the Netflix catalogue on FlixList. If you insist on having dinner instead of something like a picnic lunch, you can both go shopping for fresh ingredients to cook a nice dinner from scratch for later.

Drive-Through and Drive-In

If you can both stomach some fast-food (for once in a long time, hopefully), then the drive-through, drive-in combination will work perfectly for a date and give you ample time to engage in some meaningful interactions. Hit up the drive through to get a nice meal to add to some snacks, all of which you can enjoy at the drive-in while you’re watching a movie in a setting that’ll allow you to chat a bit if needs be and a setting which won’t make anybody else uncomfortable should the natural inclinations of romance take over and something like the holding of hands turns into a kiss.

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