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Marijuana is often thought of as a drug that relaxes and can help people sleep, which could be why so many individuals who are suffering from sleep deprivation or stress decide to use the delivery service from somewhere like Mankind ( to get cannabis-related products delivered straight to their door, in order to help them feel the full effects of this substance, as well as providing them with the sleep that they deserve. So, what are the reasons why cannabis makes people tired and how can you get the benefits of marijuana without the energy crash?

There are a few reasons why marijuana can make you feel sleepy, but the main one is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the chief psychoactive chemical in cannabis and it works hand in hand with the brain receptors responsible for making you sleepy. With the dried plant form, you are most likely to feel a lethargic effect, but some people claim that other forms can make one feel energized. Sometimes, you can even feel a slight hangover effect after intaking a lot of the plant, especially when you try something like hashish canada. This has a much stronger THC content than the dried flower and so can leave you feeling very sleepy the next morning. It is not like an alcohol hangover though, you won’t feel sick, but some people claim they feel a bit slower after smoking a large amount.

The next reason that cannabis might bring about sleepy effects is Myrcene which is another compound in the plant. Myrcene is what causes various smells in some of the strains of marijuana. Many people describe it as smelling like mangoes, and it is also seen in lemon grass, hops, and bay leaves. You can click here to find out more about these types of strains and how popular they are.

There are even some studies that believe myrcene helps THC to work faster. This can also increase the sleepiness side effect. There are a few other compounds like myrcene – limonene and linalool – can also bring about sedative states.

Strains are the third reason cannabis can sometimes make people feel sleepy. Cannabis with varying levels of these myrcene, limonene, and linalool can either bring about high energetic states or lower energy states depending on the desires of the user. Indica strains tend to have more myrcene and result in a much more relaxed high.

So, what can you do when total relaxation and a day of couch surfing are not on the agenda? Not all cannabis users want to get high and eat chips all afternoon. They have jobs to go to and work to do. Instead, they are looking for some of the health benefits of cannabis like pain relief and reduced anxiety, while still maintaining their energy levels so they can function throughout their day. CBD or cannabidiol oil is one option that has been helpful for many. Read More here about how CBD oil sold as supplements for well-being are attracting customers who do not want to deal with some of the side effects of THC. CBD an THC are both found in marijuana, but THC is the psychoactive agent and CBD is more the wellness agent. When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, there are no or very few THCs present, allowing the user to experience just the one agent without the negative effects of the other. CBD oil studies are beginning to show the positive results from using alone without the THC, which is very welcome news for those who want the benefits of marijuana but live in places where consumption is not legal. Because there is no TCH, and CBD is extracted from hemp plants, it is legal for purchase and use.

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