It perhaps applies to any obsession you may harbour, that being the fact that you can turn it into a real money-spinner, but I’m just using health and fitness as an example because it’s a topic which is close to my own heart. So yes, affiliate marketing is perhaps the way to go, whether you do it via a website or blog you own, or if you go the direct selling route and seek to talk to clients. The advantage of this is that you can sell products or services which you don’t produce or provide yourself, thereby earning on a commission based structure.

Affiliate marketing has proven time and again to be very difficult however, if there’s one simple trick to succeeding at it, it entails connecting with people on a specialist level, narrowing down the niche to a level where the potential customer gets some invaluable help from you in solving a real problem or challenge they’re facing.

If you’re selling health and fitness products or services for example, you might go with the angle of living healthier through the use of those products or services helping to slash the costs of the potential buyers’ insurance premiums, but you’ll have to boil right down to the localised details, such as targeting New Yorkers with the following information:

Case Study: Slashing Your New York Health Insurance Premiums (Micro Niche)

General trend analysis of New York health insurance premiums reveals that many policy holders are not only paying more than they’re ideally willing to pay, but they’re also paying more than they really have to pay. While many factors come into play in the determination of health insurance premiums, including geographic location, the devil does indeed lie in the details.

As much as New York health insurance premiums, for instance, may be significantly influenced by counter-productive factors such as levels of pollution, crime statistics, the number of fast-food outlets and even the aggregated walking time depicted by locals, it is the same details which could help slash one’s health insurance premiums. The key lies in the assessment and how much detailed information you reveal about your lifestyle and environment.

Some very specific information with regards to this micro niche would be available to me even if I was all the way in the UK, through channels such as distance learning courses and I would perhaps choose to further specialise in related areas of the micro niche by taking diet and nutrition courses.

If you can relate to people on the most detailed of levels in this way it becomes that much easier to monetise the information you have with regards to your topic of interest or obsession. One naturally entertains their obsession by allocating a lot of time to it, so why not learn how to monetise that obsession while you’re at it?

It isn’t just nutrition courses which you can take to give yourself that much more insight into your obsession – health and fitness is just my obsession and so I actively sought out relevant ways through which I could get right back into the commission-based selling sphere with a much better chance of success, something which you can do too in relation to whatever your obsession may be.

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