I guess with this post I’m going to venture a bit outside the boundaries of the health and fitness industry, which in itself merely epitomises the approach people should in any case be taking to their health and fitness in that it should form an everyday part of your life and shouldn’t just start and end with your training programme and your meal times.

So being a personal trainer I get to interact with lots of different people from all walks of life, all of whom have the common goal of leading better lives through taking better care of their health and through exercising. Naturally one of the topics of discussion which comes up is that of what they do in their lives – what their careers are. In the grander scheme of things this is mightily important because knowing what their working hours are like helps me to come up with a better health and fitness plan for each of these clients of mine, tailoring and personalising it right down to the tee.

What I found was that many people just aren’t happy with their jobs or with what they occupy their time with and call it a career. Many people, although they may have perhaps gone to college to study for the career they were indeed interested in, aren’t quite satisfied with how things have played out when it comes to entering the job space.

Some of them think they’re happy, but I can just tell from the way in which they talk about their careers that they aren’t really as happy as they make out to be. They’re happy with the salary, to a certain extent I guess (I mean who is ever truly happy with what they earn?), but for the most part they don’t quite get the job satisfaction someone like me enjoys as a personal trainer.

For me personally it’s just a matter of my passion having met my career, something which has now had me broaden my horizons as a personal trainer whose advice during my sessions with clients could perhaps have me going by the title of Life Coach.

Well I still consider myself to be nothing more than a personal trainer, with my unique value offering being that of being able to take a bigger-picture look at my clients’ lives and then work something out around that by way of a personalised training programme and eating that yields the best results. My life coach hat is whipped out every once in a while however, particularly when I will my clients to think about what exactly they’d occupy themselves with if for instance they won some handsome prize moneys from online platforms such as Multilotto.co.uk.

For me personally I’d still be doing exactly what it is that I’m doing, which is why I truly believe that my passion found its place within my career. For many of those who can’t say the same however, take the money aspect out of it and consider what you’d do if you suddenly had a huge windfall to the tune of millions. That which you’d occupy yourself with in that way is what you should be working towards making your career.

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