Teeth are very valuable and it is only in the worst-case scenario that we will need them to be removed.

Dentists will always try to recover and repair a tooth before deciding it must be removed, so only seriously damaged or un-saveable teeth will be removed. Here are some things that may cause a dentist to see the need for a tooth extraction.

  • Severe tooth decay, infection or trauma
  • Supernumerary teeth that cause problems
  • Third molars which block your wisdom teeth from coming through and cause pain
  • Tooth abscesses
  • Advanced gum disease (periodontist)
  • Un-saveable teeth from a root canal
  • Fractured tooth

You may also need teeth removing when you get traditional braces. This is so that your teeth can have the space to move into their new position without overcrowding and hindering the process.

If you have pain in your teeth or something doesn’t look normal, get in touch with a dentist and arrange an appointment so they can asses what is going on in your mouth.

Remember that dentists don’t want to have to remove your teeth and they will only do so if it extremely necessary, so don’t let dentaphobia get in the way of catching early symptoms of things before allowing it to get to a bad stage, where your teeth may need to be extracted.

Also, try not to fear the worst! Dentists know what theyre doing and will always have your best interests at heart.

Book an appointment with a trusted dentist now.

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