More and more smokers are turning to vaping every single day, using such websites as CBD Vape Shot to see what is out there for them to try. You’ve probably walked past vapers countless times, and noticed a white cloud of scented vapour in place of what was once a dark cloud of smelling smoke. But, why has this become the new norm and such a rising trend? And how may it eventually cut out cigarettes once and for all?

It helps you to quit smoking

The dangerously addictive nicotine found in cigarettes has captured millions of people all around the world. Quitting cold turkey is almost impossible for many and cravings soon take over. But, vaping has managed to combat this effectively. You can purchase a variety of e-liquids that have different nicotine strengths, so if you’ve just given up cigarettes, you can begin with a high strength and slowly lower it as your cravings subside. You can even buy tobacco flavoured liquids if you’re experiencing withdrawals.

Furthermore, many smokers are also addicted psychologically. One of the most common reasons that many can’t give up is because they’re addicted, and too familiar with, the feeling of holding a cigarette between their fingers and exhaling smoke. This is why nicotine patches and gum doesn’t work for many, as they’re missing the physical presence of the cigarette.

More places allow vaping than smoking

The rules and regulations of smoking are quite strict. Although you probably got used to them, once you turn to vaping, you’ll realize how many constraints you had around your smoking rituals. Vaping liberates you from those restrictions.

You should still adhere to common courtesy and be polite to the people around you while you vape. Some people might be wary of vaping clouds and don’t want to be disturbed by it, so don’t be too in their face. With vaping however, you won’t have the same amount of guilt you have about smoking around others, as people aren’t at danger of inhaling second hand smoke.

The laws regarding vaping are changing fast. You should be aware of the public places that prohibit it. Most institutions are currently treating smoking and vaping as a similar health hazard. However, as it gains more traction and people become more aware of the differences between vaping and smoking, the rules should become more vaping-friendly.

No ash or lingering odour

Besides the delivery of dangerous carcinogens through smoke, cigarettes also have the following problems:

  • Burning smell
  • Ash disposal
  • Cigarette butts

With vaping, you get a break from all of these problems. Even though vaping might emanate a certain smell depending on the flavor, it is much more pleasant and doesn’t linger like tobacco smoke does. Also, you don’t need ashtrays and regular clean-ups.

Saves you money

Smoking is an extremely expensive habit. Compared to smoking, vaping can help you save a boatload of cash. You can get a decent vaping starter kit in the $40 to $80 range and e-liquids are extremely affordable too. Even if you go for a high-end vape pen, it will probably cost you below $200. You will spend more than that in a month even if you are a moderate smoker.

Final thoughts

The vaping movement is clearly winning the market over. Although smokers still have a strong presence, those who have been wanting to quit for years seem to have finally found a greater alternative.

Some of the biggest tobacco companies are also noticing the growing trend. The initial response was resistance, but as vaping started to gain in popularity and the industry wasn’t able to do anything to prevent it, they begun to embrace it instead.

Lorillard is just one example of a tobacco company that has used the trend to their advantage by acquiring one of the biggest companies, blu eCigs. Many are also beginning to develop their own brands of electronic devices.

As you can see, vaping really is becoming the market of the future. As more consumers get educated and understand the advantages vaping has over smoking, we might experience a future where smoking ceases to exist and vaping becomes the new normal.

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